Riding the Potty Train

Our little guy has been working on a new skill. Since Saturday morning, he’s been in underpants and/or a pull-up, learning to use the potty. It’s one of my least favorite parenting tasks, if I’m being honest. It messes with schedules, requires more patience than I have and is just plain annoying!

The other day my husband tweeted at me and asked, “What kind of wine goes with potty training?” At the time, I was still thinking on it and thinking, well, any wine, really! But, last night it hit me. The wine that goes with potty training is one that features a strong-willed, smart, compassionate female character – Clare Fraser from the Outlander book series.

Some of you may recall a few months ago, I mentioned that I had purchased the limited edition Outlander wines from Lot 18. Well, Mrs. Fraser’s Pinot Noir was still in the wine fridge last evening when I pulled it out. I thought about her character and all she endured and overcame and thought, “Well, if she can do all that, then I should be able to rise above potty training!”

As I sipped the wine last evening, the little man was having trouble going to sleep. He was up and down and in and out until after 10 p.m. Was it frustrating? Yes. Can I deal? Of course. Especially with the reminder of one of the strongest parents I’ve ever encountered in literature.

And, for those who are wondering, potty training is going well! By this time next week, I’m hopeful we can donate the unused diapers to those in need! Cheers!

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