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Children Cost a Lot….and so Does the Wine!

It’s the time of year when the Department of Agriculture releases its study about how much it costs to raise a child. This year, the department estimates the cost of raising a child from birth through age 17 is $233,610, or as much as almost $14,000 annually. And this is based on 2015 numbers!

Reading this made me think about all the incidental expenses that go along with raising children, such as the wine that we parents need as a nightcap after said kids are in bed. So, I did a little calculation of my own.

If you and your spouse drank an average of two to five bottles of wine a week, at an average cost of $10 per bottle, it would be an investment of approximately $19,000 to $47,000 over the life of your child. That’s a lot when you consider it’s around 20 to 25% percent of the total cost to raise a child!

children-costAll kidding aside, parenting is a financial investment, sure, but it’s also an emotional and loving investment. So, although the ¬†Department of Agriculture cannot put a price on the love and devotion we parents have for our children, the study is a good reminder that we need to be financially prepared as families to raise our children.

It’s also a good idea to be financially prepared to celebrate as families, too, and spend quality time as a couple. So, the price on that wine? It’s a small one to pay for happiness in the home! Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Children Cost a Lot….and so Does the Wine!”

  1. Your children are absolutely adorable! I love this post because as an adult who temporarily moved back home, I am much more aware of all the costs my mother has covered throughout my life. This post gives me a new appreciation of the wine bottles in the cabinet. My mother works incredibly hard and deserves/needs every last drop!

    1. Aww, thanks for the compliment! Thank goodness they are cute because sometimes they drive me to drink wine! LOL. Valentine’s Day is coming up; maybe you should treat your mom and add to her cabinet collection!

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