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‘Twas the Day After Christmas and…

‘Twas the day after Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The family was all nestled snug in their beds while visions of cleaning up danced in their heads.

I could go on but… suffice it to say Christmas is always a bit hectic when you’re a working mom. I don’t really get to enjoy it quite the way I used to! But one thing I do enjoy is the day after. The day when it’s suddenly calm and everything has been opened. There’s no real need to leave the house since you have all the leftovers you can imagine in the pony-castlerefrigerator and lots to do to clean up and organize all the new stuff.

I spent most of the day up in the girls’ room cleaning and organizing. Santa brought them new comforters and I bought them new flannel sheets. So, I got their beds all dressed in the new bedding and pillows. I also spent some time cleaning out old toys, making way for the new. Plus, there is always something to be put together. This year, it was a My Little Pony Castle for Lucia. Thankfully, no tool
wine-glassess were required for this job!

As I unpacked my loot, I thought about how some people are so creative with their gifts. I received not one, but two new wine glasses from thoughtful loved ones. They both are etched with the name of this blog, something new I started over the summer. It was so nice of them to think of that! And each glass is unique. I’ll treasure and use them both! The wine theme didn’t stop there, of course. I also received a 1000-piece puzzle, calendar, glass large enough to fit a whole bottle of wine, carrying case for a bottle of wine and more wine-related things. You can’t go wrong with wine for me, that’s for sure!

We have enjoyed so many different kinds of wine this Christmas weekend, including a few bottles from my latest collection from Splash Wines, a wine club. I ordered a 15-pack sampler they were offering at a deep discount. All the wines are table wines from Italy and all have been very good! Many are even screw top, which is even better, including a La Marchesina Nero D’Avola Terre Siciliane I’m enjoying as I write this.

Also, my husband chose our Christmas night wine selection. He procured a 62 Anniversario Riserva Primitivo di Manduria from Gary Decker at Vinomania. It was delicious with notes of tobacco and plum on a very long finish.

I am off now until Jan. 3, and will no doubt be organizing and cleaning more of the house, preparing for the long stretch of winter ahead. It’s nice to have everything in its place. Stay tuned in a few days for some New Year’s Eve sparkling wine ideas, including one for the kiddos! Cheers!

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