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Sour Grapes (or Lemons)

I haven’t posted since early last week because I’ve been a tiny bit stressed out. In addition to school starting again (for me, not the kids yet!), I’ve been dealing with a new car issue. It’s the worst. I purchased a 2016 Kia Sorento from Fucillo Kia of Clay in May and Aug. 15 it started going completely haywire. The dashboard warning lights were flickering oddly as if there was a short in the electrical system and the turn signals wouldn’t work, etc. I took video with my phone and brought it in. Fast forward to today… the dealership still does not know what’s wrong with it and they’ve called in an expert technician from Kia to travel here to look at and hopefully fix the car.

It’s stressful to be without your car even with a loaner. I now have a small Optima to drive and with the three kids, that’s a challenge! The whole reason I bought a new car was to have more space for the kids. Now, I can’t even enjoy it and somehow, even if they do repair it, I feel like it will never be the same. The irony is several years ago a similar situation happened with a Saturn Vue. That time it was a brand new car! It took months before they finally figured out how to fix it and it was a major issue. I never really loved that car either. So cars and me are not a good combo for some reason. I’m probably the only person on the planet who dreads getting a new car.

So, you might be thinking, what kind of wine goes with car trouble? Well, on Sunday we tried a red blend from Three Brothers Winery called Jazz Infusion. I received a bottle from my brother and sister-in-law for my birthday and thought I’d crack that open. It was a perfect compliment to the beef stew I made in the crock pot that day and an easy drinking wine that almost made me forget the car stuff. Almost.

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