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Wine and Marriage

A few weeks ago University of Michigan researchers released a study that said couples who drink together, stay together. It was an interesting take on marriage and relationships. My favorite part was the notion that couples are less irritated with each other when they share a bottle of wine. Well, duh!

wedding-dayAt any rate, my husband and I are in for a nice long marriage, if this study proves true. We enjoy wine together often, as I’ve mentioned on this blog before. This past weekend, we enjoyed a Layer Cake Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as a Clean Slate Riesling (which came with it’s own slate coaster this time – bonus!). The cab was the perfect compliment to our fire pit night in the backyard where we played a new washers game (kind of like horseshoes) and relaxed as the sun went down. It also would have been terrific with s’mores, but we didn’t partake over the weekend!

The Clean Slate was the closer to the weekend, an easy drinking Riesling that is clean and crisp for summer. It’s readily available at most wine and liquor stores, more than other Mosel region Rieslings, and one I come back to often. It’s a popular addition to a wedding gift I’ve often seen, which contains four bottles of wine for different events in a marriage. It’s the one you are supposed to drink after your first fight! But if you ask Michigan researchers, those fights should be few and far between if you imbibe together on a regular basis. Happy drinking!

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