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Official Start to My Summer

So I haven’t posted in a while because I was busy starting my summer in earnest. I took the last week of June off for a “staycation” with the kids. We saw “Finding Dory,” took a trip to The Wild in Chittenango, N.Y. and picked raspberries among many other activities. Best part? I took a break from the computer for the week. No emailing, no blogging and no work. It was nice to just check out and hang out with the kids, spending time and enjoying the beautiful Upstate New York weather we’ve been having.

The ending to my time off coincided with the 4th of July holiday. To celebrate, we opened a bottle of Big Head Wine’s 2013 Syrah Select. This wine was perfect for the 240th birthday of our nation. It was big. It was red. And it was delicious! Funny thing is, I normally don’t really like Syrah much. It’s too peppery for my tastes. But this one didn’t even taste like other Syrah’s I’ve had. One of the reasons is the winemaker’s apassimento style of drying the grapes prior to fermenting them into wine. It’s an Italian approach and one that I think really brings out the unique flavors of the grape.

We had a few other wines over the weekend, as well, but none that spiced up our holiday as much as Big Head Syrah! Happy drinking!

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