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It’s All Fun and Games Until…

So this week is the busiest of the school year in terms of extracurricular activities. A couple of weeks ago, Maria had her fourth-grade chorus concert. This past week, she had a band concert (she plays saxophone), followed by Lucia’s kindergarten show and then both girls’ participation in Liverpool Elementary School’s annual “Gator Games,” named after the official “gator” mascot.

I try to take time away from work to experience all these events with the girls. They are so appreciative and happy when I can come support them. I think they know it’s not easy to get away from work and they know I really do love them when I make it happen.

But as much as I enjoy watching them have fun, it’s nostalgic and bittersweet for me, too. I cried like a baby when Lucia’s slide show started… all the songs attached to the photos of their past year of kindergarten were so sappy. And when the slide said “Class of 2028,” I nearly lost it! What will our lives be like in 2028? I can’t even imagine.

Funny thing is, as I looked around the room, there were only a few others who looked teary-eyed. I wondered why more people didn’t seem moved by the whole thing. Maybe it’s their first child and they don’t know any better yet!

I do know better. Time doesn’t slow no matter how much we want it to. My mom recently shared this song with me that sums it up perfectly. Slow down. Enjoy the moments. They are all we have.

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