Customer Service Fail

So I am sitting here very sad this morning. Sad because a vendor that I have always loved and used for a variety of my family’s keepsakes has disappointed me so much that I can never use them again. I’m talking about Tiny Prints, a division of Shutterfly. Just this past year alone, I used Tiny Prints for my son’s baptism invitations and my daughter’s first communion. I’ve used Shutterfly for three photo albums and a photo card. But, never again.


That’s because this vendor has completely and totally botched an order for my place of employment. They have reprinted our cards FIVE times! And are nearly three weeks late with delivery of the last batch. What’s more, since Wednesday they have said these cards will be here “tomorrow” and now it’s Sunday and we still don’t have them. My colleagues are upset with me that their cards are not going to be here in time for Christmas and I am beside myself at the horrible customer service we’ve received.


I can no longer trust this vendor and I would challenge all of you to find a new vendor for these types of services, as well. They don’t deserve our business. And I’m sad to share this news this morning.

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