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Summer’s Here

Another Memorial Day has come and gone. It’s the unofficial start of summer even though school’s not out until later in June. This summer, my six-year-old (going on seven) is not going to daycare. Instead, she’ll spend some time at home with her step-dad, doing things around the house. She’ll help with the garden and do some activities and maybe even attend a few funerals when he goes to sing at them. In between, she’ll go to Beaver Lake day camp with her old friend, Ava, and I’ll be taking some time off to do some day trips and things with both girls. 

I am also excited about another venture for her – summer reading. I’ve read about the “summer slide” where kids forget what they’ve learned in school. Well, hopefully not this summer. Our goal is to read the entire Junie B Jones series cover to cover. If we succeed, my six-year-old gets a Kindle Fire of her very own! How’s that for a prize? We’ll see how well it accomplishes the goal.

Happy summer and happy reading!

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