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It’s been nearly three months since I posted. I have no excuse but rather a good reason – time.  Or lack of time, really. My issue is always time. I do a lot of things but not as much as I feel other working moms do. Yet lately I’ve had trouble fitting everything in. I’m not sure exactly why that is… do we have less capacity as we age? Do I truly have more on my plate? Take this past weekend…I had a bunch of things to do but didn’t get them all done. That’s unlike me. And forget about working out. I still haven’t been able to integrate that back into my life. I read all kinds of self-help books and website articles about time management. I am a whiz at getting multiple tasks done at work doing the “work of three people,” according to my boss. But my personal tasks are taking a backseat. What about you? How do you find the energy to continue being productive at home? How do you fit in friends, hobbies and life? I’m all ears…

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